Attention! - Heavy spoilers ahead! Proceed at your own risk.

Haruka Akechi



First name







Player of rabbit Doubt

First Appearance

Volume 1


Deceased (Beheading)

Haruka is young girl, lycean, who is kidnapped with her new friends, players of the Rabbit Doubt game as her.

Physical :

She wears school uniform and a metal-likely neckless.

She has short blond hair. She is the girl who has the bigger chest into the group of friend. She is the only one to have a beauty mark, just under the left eye.

Among the girls of the manga, she is the more sensual. She seems to more appreciate to catch the boys' eyes.

Personality :

As said, she loves the boys' opinion. Several times she plays with her body for disturbing Yû (and it works). At the beginning, she is very nice and cool. When Rei cries she immediatly take her in her arms and comfort her. She promises that they will be friends and she doesn't care about what Rei did in the past. But, we learn that she was a procuress for girls so it can explain her kindness toward the psychologically frail girl Rei is.

Later in the story, she often wants to give up the others for staying alone, fearing to be with the Wolf. The first time, she decides finally to follow them, but a second time, she really do.

She's also an observer because she's the only one to notice thaht Yû doesn't have bar code on the stomach as he said before. After that, she appears less nice (wich is normal because the point of view is the one of Yû). She tries to force him to confess he's the Wolf, menacing him with a scalpel.

As Yû doesn't, she leaves him with Hajime and goes lock her in a room.

We learn at the end she, or at least the Wolf says it, "helps" lycean girls to prostitute, and after she blackmails clients into paying for her silence. In this way, she appears as a real manipulator and liar.

Trivia :

-She is the third killed by the Wolf. He/she behaeds her with an axe.

-She's the only one to be used after her death. Hajime takes her body and hangs it, wanting to Yû believe it's Mitsuki's body.

-She was indirectly related with Eiji, who was in fact the responsible of her boyfriend's death. It's never precised if she knew it.