WARNING: Major plot spoilers below!

Rei Hazama

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Player of "Rabbit Doubt"/Wolf

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Intelligent, misanthropic, and manipulative, Rei Hazama is the true main antagonist of Doubt. Although originally appearing as a crippled former child celebrity, Rei Hazama is responsible for manipulating the main characters and being responsible for each of their deaths. Through faking her crippled state and faking her death and the close betrayal of the other characters, Rei Hazama is the mastermind behind the infamous Rabbit Doubt game.


Rei Hazama appears as a short, thin young woman with waist length hair.


At the beginning of the manga, Rei Hazama is shown as a shy and timid young girl due to her front as a paraplegic girl. Towards the end of the manga, Rei is revealed to have a deeply misanthropic view on other people, seeing them only as tools to be used for her own entertainment and possessing a childish cruelty by laughing off the deaths of the other characters when confronted.

Rei is also a skilled actress as she was able to fake her disability to gain the characters' trust and sympathy and was able to fake her own death to avoid being suspected as the mastermind behind Doubt.?

Another notable feature is that Rei is completely determined to let the Rabbit Doubt game continue even after she dies as it is likely that several people she has hypnotized will eventually serve to continue her legacy.


  • Rei Hazama has been widely compared to Jigsaw (Real name John Kramer), the main antagonist and anti villain of the horror film series SAW. Her role in Doubt is also shares some similarities with Tobin Bell's portrayal of John Kramer in the films. Both were nearly killed in car accidents that were the result of a suicide attempt (Rei being forced into a suicide by her parents and John committing suicide after suffering from cancer and from several tragic events that happend in his life) and became misanthropic sociopaths after surviving the attempts, betrayed and lead many people to their deaths with no remorse, and both had taken on an apprentice that would carry on their legacy.
  • Rei Hazama faking her paralysis is likely a reference to the film The Usual Suspects in which a disabled character named Kint was revealed to have faked his paralysis and was in fact the criminal mastermind Soze at the end of the film.
  • The fact that Rei was found pinned to a wall with stakes was actually a fake carcass designed to look like her; the blood was from another source. Due to its height off of the ground, none of the characters bothered to attempt a closer look or to obtain her barcode.